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Each project in showcase gallery shows the transformation from start to finish with a short written story describing each stage of the build.

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Local People Month

 As a builder in Brixton, I will be working this October month just for my local community. So if you are a resident of 

Brixton, StockwellClaphamCamberwell or Streatham.

And you need a partition wall built, new joists floor built, doors hung then give us a call and get your job done by a local person.... Call 07985008167



Top tips How to avoid getting scammed by dodgy builders


1) The biggest mistake a customer can make is give the builder 100% of the money before the job is even started.  No matter how persuasive or trustworthy the builder appears to be, don't let this influence your decision. New or inexperienced customers are mostly likely to make this mistake. 

So how much should you give? That depends on the size of the job so a carpentry job of a few hundred pounds then most likely the tradesman won't ask for a deposit. But a job worth several thousands of pounds then the deposit would be between 15-25 %.


2) Don't rely on the spoken word, get everything in writing which doesn't rely on the memories of both you and the builder. With a written quote you can see what is included and not included in the price.


3) Ideally, the job should be broken into phases and a specified amount is paid by the customer to the builder. Eg, A £10000 job is split into 4 phases and as each phase is completed £2500 (25% of £10000) is paid to the builder.

Note that these figures are just examples and can change but the principles remain the same.


4) Just because the builder has been recommended by friends or family doesn't guarantee that things won't go wrong and even knowing where they live means nothing because getting the money back is the most difficult part. The customer should have a cautious / business-like approach when dealing with a new builder or tradesman. 


5) Don't go for the cheapest estimate because it rarely produces satisfactory results.The builders' aim is to rush the job with a " I don't really care attitude, profits are maginal so corners will have to be cut ". Resulting in the unhappy customer having to find another builder to do the job again and generally, builders don't like correcting other builders work so will charge a large premium.


6) You can never be 100% sure of your choice of builder until they start the job - These are the positive signs you should look for:

Does your builder turn up for work on time and everyday? Is the builder a good communicator - ie, does he keep you up to date on the progress of the job? Does the builder inform you of any problems. Does the builder ask your permission before making changes to the plan?

Is the builder respectful of your house? - ie, does he keep your house clean and tidy as best he can? And lastly, does the builder try to mitigate any accidental damage to your property?


Give us a call for an estimate or advice:  07985008167


We cover:

 Brixton, Vauxhall, Camberwell, Dulwich,

 Norwood, Crystal Palace, Kennington, Oval,

 Clapham, Battersea, Streatham, 

Norbury, Balham, Wandsworth, Wimbledom


How to rid yourself of creaking floorboards

Creaking chipboards/floor boards is a common problem and can be tricky to solve.
Assuming no structural problems. The problem being the joist floor has dips and bumps ie not perfectly flat.

You should also check the overall flatness of the joist floor by putting a 6ft level on the joists to identify dips and bumps and resolve it.
Its important to fix 1 board at a time and WALK ON IT A FEW TIMES, no creaking then fix the next board then WALK ON BOTH BOARDS and so on.
This requires a methodical and patient approach also the abilty to identify the exact location of creaking.


















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